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Melbourne Design Week 2020

Not weighed down by history nor convention, the ‘tyranny of distance’ that once defined Australia’s remoteness is now something to be celebrated. While at times Melbourne can feel a world away from more established design destinations such as London and New York, perhaps this is the secret to its success. Having progressively established itself as a design capital in its own right – helped in part by the advent of Melbourne Design Week – this year the event returns from March 12 to 22 exploring the theme ‘How can design shape life?’. To assist in navigating the impressive program of over 300 talks, exhibitions, tours and workshops, here we share an edit of just some of the events we’re looking forward to.

No. 01 – Australia in Venice: 2020 Architecture Biennale Preview
Presented by Australian Institute of Architects. 13 March, 6pm–8pm.

Australia is one of only 29 countries to have a permanent exhibition at the International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia. The event has been delayed until August due to coronavirus, however the show will go on. Join creative directors Jefa Greenaway and Tristan Wong as they share how they’ve responded to the theme of how architecture can build connection and understanding between First Nations cultures in the Australasian region.

No. 02 – Osmosis
Presented by Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert. 12 – 22 March.

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert opened in Sydney in August 2019, focusing on art and design – the first of its type in Australia. Exhibiting a unique collection of limited edition or one-off collectable design pieces, this special presentation will explore the cross-pollination of art and design practice with works by Darren Fry, Holly Board and Peter Grove, Trent Jansen, Michael Gittings and Edward Waring.

No. 03 – Design Strategy Forum
Presented by Creative Victoria. 17 March, 8am–10am.

The business of design is an area we love to champion. From branding and identity to product, architecture and experience, design offers many unique commercial and cultural advantages to businesses with a creative mindset. In this event a panel of Victorian business leaders discuss how meaningful integration of design practice shapes core business strategy and drives competitive advantage.

No. 04 – The Relative Restaurant
Presented by Relative Projects. 19 & 20 March.

How can urban development deliver more meaningful cultural and social impact? Relative Projects will explore this question through a temporary restaurant at their studio in Collingwood. Each evening will feature a talk by inspiring industry leaders from design, development, and impact-driven businesses, who will share their experience over dinner—a three-course cultural immersion created with social enterprise Free to Feed.

No. 05 – Transcendence
Presented by Modern Times. 12 – 22 March.

In this group exhibition Melbourne design destination Modern Times will ask participating artists to explore how objects can be embedded with messages, transcending the physical to stimulate our emotions and our imaginations – evoking places, people, surroundings or entire times in our lives. Participants include Carol Crawford, Henry Wilson, Kenny Yong-soo Son, Ella Bendrups, Coco Flip and Kerryn Levy.

No. 06 – Lyon Housemuseum Galleries x Artbank: Collecting Contemporary Design
Presented by Lyon Housemuseum Galleries & Artbank. 21 March, 1pm–3pm.

To celebrate the opening of Artbank’s exhibition The Grey Zone: Collecting and Collaboration in Contemporary Art and Design, Artbank and the Lyon Housemuseum will present a panel discussion addressing what it means to collect and care for contemporary design. As traditional boundaries that once divided fine art and functional objects disappear, design and its artefacts are emerging at the forefront.

No. 07 – E-waste Victorian Design Challenge 2020
Presented by NGV. 18 March, 10am–3.30pm.

In a challenge addressing one of the world’s fastest growing waste problems – e-waste – Creative Victoria and NGV are offering a $20,000 major prize for the best design idea in the Professional category and $5000 in the Tertiary category. Teams in each category will have to convince the Challenge jury that their idea is the best solution to tackle the 40 million tons of e-waste produced globally every year.

No. 08 – Designwork 04: Dale Hardiman & Stephen Royce | Danielle Brustman
Presented by Sophie Gannon Gallery. 12 – 22 March.

Sophie Gannon Gallery presents a collaboration by Dale Hardiman and Stephen Royce constructed from over 200 mobile phone LCD screens exploring the reanimation of discarded technology, and Chromatic Fantastic, a collection of new works by Danielle Brustman that propose new modes of living with furniture, lighting and objects through an experimentation of ideas, materials and processes.

No. 09 – Laundrotto
Presented By Steelotto. 18 – 20 March.

Presented by Steelotto in collaboration with Andrew Carvolth, Bazaar PVP, Confetti Studio, Marsha Golemac, Thomas Coward and PSP, ‘Laundrotto’ is an exhibition in Fitzroy laundromat, My Beautiful Laundrette, that explores the co-existence of design as art and design as function, using the space as a medium for shining a spotlight on new works by a selection of local and international designers.

No. 10 – Life and Death
Presented by Friends and Associates. 12 – 21 March.

Urns made from soil, screens made from urine fed bacteria, chandeliers made from cracked phone screens and sending artworks into space: Life and Death presents projects by Australian creative practitioners looking at life and death through a multitude of mediums. Contributors include Breathe Architecture, Sarah Ceravolo, Liane Rossler, March Studio, Flack Studio and many more. Supported by RMIT School Of Design and Design Anthology.