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MEL 06.02, 05.08PM
NYC 02.06, 01.08AM
MEL 06.02, 05.08PM
NYC 02.06, 01.08AM
MEL 06.02, 05.08PM
NYC 02.06, 01.08AM

Office Talk with Dave Sharp

NHO directors, Neil and Lillian, were thrilled to sit down with Office Dave Sharp and record a podcast episode of Office Talk, discussing all things brand strategy.

The podcast covers: ⁠

– A high-level introduction to brand strategy, from the benefits of investing the time to explore what your brand is about, to the types of questions NHO ask their clients to help them unearth unique insights.⁠

– Why it’s essential to figure out your brand strategy before making tactical decisions about your marketing, social media and digital presence.⁠

– How a brand strategy document can be used to help you make a variety of important decisions in your practice, from hiring to your annual reviews.⁠

– The importance of consistency and a curated quality to your marketing, website and social media – and why practices should think carefully about the projects they show on their website.⁠

– An in-depth look at how NHO approach the PR process, from setting clear objectives, deciding on focus projects, managing stakeholders such as consultants, builders and clients, and finally their thoughts on how to select the right mix of publications to align with your goals.⁠

Thanks to Office Dave Sharp for the robust conversation.

Listen to Episode 57 of Office Talk here.