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MEL 22.06, 04.52PM
NYC 06.22, 02.52AM
MEL 22.06, 04.52PM
NYC 06.22, 02.52AM
MEL 22.06, 04.52PM
NYC 06.22, 02.52AM

Podcast Selects

The podcast format has been around for nearly twenty years, however there’s no doubting the proliferation of the medium in recent times. These days it seems everyone has a podcast, which is why recommendations are always welcome. Visitors to NHO may notice a podcast playing in the background, a subtle and sometimes subconscious tool for keeping us connected with the world whilst learning from others. ⁠

Some of our favourites include Design Anthology’s The Design Dialogues hosted by Suzy Annetta, The Business of Fashion Podcast with Imran Amed, M24’s Monocle on Design hosted by Nolan Giles, Time Sensitive by Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman, Debbie Millman’s Design Matters, The Urbanist hosted by Andrew Tuck, Bow Down hosted by Jennifer Higgie, Vince Frost’s Design Your Life, and most recently, The Grand Tourist with Dan Rubinstein. Oh how the list goes on.

Pictured: Suzy Annetta. Photography courtesy of Lit Ma.

The Business of Fashion with Imran Amed. Photography courtesy of Jean Goldsmith.

Monocle by Design with Nolan Giles. Photography courtesy of Monocle.

Time Sensitive with Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman. Photography courtesy of Hodinkee.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman. Photography courtesy of Nebojsa Babic.

The Urbanist with Andrew Tuck. Photography courtesy of Monocle.

Bow Down with Jennifer Higgie. Photography courtesy of Polly Braden.

Design Your Life with Vince Frost. Photography courtesy of Indesign Live.

The Grant Tourist with Dan Rubinstein. Photography courtesy of The Future Perfect.